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We are a worldwide Ministry aimed at restoring the Faith once delivered by Yahshua of Nazerath to the original Congregation almost 2,000 years ago. We do this through education not condemnation. Through our free book entitled "The Great falling Away" we document the original faith set down by our Messiah Yahshua and show historically how that early congregation was totally highjacked for almost 300 years ending with the rule of Constantine the Great around 325 AD. We challenge all those who consider themselves to be true believers to ask themselves which Congregation they belong to. The one by Yahshua set down in 30 ad, or the one by Constantine in 325 AD. The two are vastly different. One was a Hebrew Congregation with a Hebrew Savior that was totally Torah observant. The second was a counterfeit, lawless church sealed by the decrees of Constantine. CLICK here for more Informations

We also have a service-download program for the edification of the true saints worldwide. Each sermon is given by Don Esposito on in depth bible topics as they pertain to the true believers today. CLICK here to get to the sermon-download-section.

We also have a monthly newsletter that contains many articles from newspapers around the globe, showing how world events and prophecy are coming together to the end of this age, and the soon return of our Savior Yahshua. CLICK here to get to the newsletter-section.

Beside the book "Great Falling Away" is also the new book "The Chosen People" given out for free. For more informations about the contents visit the books-section

We have also been blessed to host for believers around the world to come to Jerusalem for the three Pilgrim feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. Deut 16:16: " Three times in the year shall all males appear before YHWH your Elohim in the place that he shall choose(1Kg 14:21, Jerusalem) In the Feast of unleavened bread, in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of Tabernacles, and they shall not appear before YHWH empty. Our ministry is based in Jerusalem where we spend about half of the year. The other half we spend traveling to scattered congregations and brethren giving encouragement and much needed aid when possible. Please click here for more information about the feasts.

We also host Pilgrim tours to Israel throughout the year and particularly at The Feast of tabernacles. We not only travel all through Israel from Dan to Beer Sheva, but we also go to the ash remains of ancient Gomorrah, where you can still retrieve ancient sulpher balls rained down from Heaven. We also visit the original Red Sea crossing site in Egypt where 14th century bc chariot wheels have been found. our guide is a licensed archeologist that has his thesis in New Testement studies.

Matt 10:8 states "freely you have received freely you give". according to this scripture we do not charge for any of our tapes and books. They are totally paid for by the freewill tithes and offerings of the brethren. Contributions are welcome

Although we can not take personal e-mail at this time, we do encourage all to personally write and we will try to answer all correspondance.

Congregation of Yahweh,
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